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 Witterings Medical Centre Patients Participation Group (WMCPPG)


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What is the WMCPPG and what do we do?

Witterings Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (WMCPPG) is a small group of dedicated people who work with your GPs and the management of your Medical Centre. Our aim is to provide channels of communication between the Medical Centre and its patients. Patient involvement in decisions about the Medical Centre’s organisation and services will help ensure we are provided with the best health care possible.

The WMCPPG committee of patient members, GPs and representatives of the Medical Centre management meet monthly to discuss future plans and how they might affect services provided. Any specific concerns raised by patients with the WAPPG are also considered and relevant action agreed.

Suggestions, concerns or other feedback which could improve the Medical Centre?

If you have any feedback about your experience of Witterings Medical Centre, or ideas on how medical services provided for yourself, family members or patients generally might be improved, please write to WMCPPG in confidence to our email address:

This email account is checked regularly by patient volunteers. We will raise issues with the Medical Centre on your behalf and liaise with you on the response to your feedback.  If you wish to remain anonymous as your issues are raised and discussed with the Medical Centre, please let us know.

Become a WMCPPG Committee member

Do you have time to attend an early evening meeting every 5-6 weeks?

Would you like to find out what’s happening to your NHS locally and regionally?

Could you be ‘the voice of the patient’ and influence the shape of our Medical Centre and local NHS services?

If so, please email and we’ll be in touch.

Our means of communication are through...

Local and church magazines, The Press, E-mails, Leaflets and posters.

We would like to keep you informed of any changes that are happening within the NHS locally, or at The Medical Centre. We do this is by email and through regular email newsletters.

Please email us at to be added to our mailing list.

Please contact us to find out more...